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    Executive Director at the League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area   

Executive Director Position for LWVGDA


Knowledge and skills at a level normally acquired through the completion of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required.  Experience in a leadership role in the not-for-profit sector a plus.


  • Knowledge of LWV and its mission
  • Ability to remain nonpartisan
  • Creative, enthusiastic, and passionate commitment to the goals and mission of the LWV
  • Experience in working with a volunteer organization and proven success in engaging volunteers and working with committees to accomplish projects
  • Ability to recruit volunteers
  • Ability to network with other organizations to create partnerships
  • Experience with special events and fund raising
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in media relations
  • Organizational skills
  • Sound judgement
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to interpret financial statements a plus


Responsibilities in Conjunction with Board and Committee Members:

As the chief staff person, the Executive Director (ED) works closely with the Board of Directors to carry out the mission and goals of the League.  This position reports directly to the President who acts on behalf of the Board of Directors.  While the ED will be requested to do things by board members, these requests should be cleared in advance at board meetings or through prior discussion with the President.

  • Promote the mission of League
  • Engage League members in the work of the League
  • Increase membership
  • Ability to interact in a nonpartisan manner with elected official and candidates
  • Maintain a working knowledge of LWV state and national legislation regarding League policies and new and updated legislation related to election issues and voter’s rights
  • Engage in fundraising and fund drives
  • Contact and maintains relationship with funders
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors, venues, and paid speakers
  • Reviews and renews League insurance policy and arranges for insurance riders for League events that require additional insurance coverage for use of facilities
  • Research, writes and administers grants
  • Ensures compliance with LWV positions as well as grant requirements
  • Ensures all volunteers fulfill community work in compliance with LWV regulations
  • Participates in League events and all CAB meetings*
  • Coordinates with the PR Director to prepare and disseminate communications
  • Participate in committee meetings and conference calls
  • Build relationships with other service organizations
  • Write reports
  • Work with the Webmaster to ensure the website is current and accurate
  • Accomplish other duties as assigned by the President on behalf of the Board of Directors


Responsibilities in Conjunction with Office Management

  • Supervise the Office Manager to ensure and support continuity of communications and day to day operations
  • Supervise Bookkeeper to ensure bills and payroll are paid in a timely matter
  • Approves work schedules of the Office Manager and Bookkeeper
  • Prepares and presents annual performance reviews for Office Manager and Bookkeeper to Board President and employees
  • Oversee office operations including facilities, information systems and equipment
  • Responsible for physical maintenance of office space and equipment
  • Responsible for the protection and retrieval plan for League data in the event loss of information occurs
  • Manage the fiscal operations of the organization and participate in budget process
  • Oversees the office Sunshine Fund**


Evaluation:  The evaluation of this position will be performed by the President, members of the Board of Directors and other League members who will comprise the ad hoc personnel committee.

The Executive Director’s performance shall be evaluated after three months, again after six months, after 12 months and then annually according to the following criteria:

  • Ability to perform the tasks described under “Responsibilities”
  • Professional demeanor and attitude
  • Timeliness and ability to meet deadlines
  • Quality and accuracy of products
  • Compliance with personnel and other organizational policies and procedures


Salary and Funding: The Executive Director is charged with generating income, both for the Education Fund and the General Fund.  Each year the amount the director will be charged with generating increases in funding until the full salary is generated by the position, thus making it self-sustaining.

*              If CAB is reestablished

**            If Executive Board agrees to continue Sunshine Fund


If interested respond to: LWVGDAapplicants@gmail.com