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Return on Your Investment

The PARTNERSHIP FOR PHILANTHROPIC PLANNING (PPP) is committed to offering programs and services that help its members to succeed in business and develop as professionals. The following are some of the reasons why top professionals in planned giving and philanthropy join The PPP:

Educational Programs

The PPP helps members improve and increase their planned giving skills by sponsoring stimulating seminars, workshops and meetings that address topics such as gift planning, market trends, gift options and best practices.

Exclusive, Timely Information

PPP keeps members informed of, and prepared for, important issues, trends and events affecting the product fundraising and planned giving industry. The PPP newsletter is distributed quarterly and supplemented by frequent member bulletins.


PPP is the most-recognized source of information about planned giving and philanthropy. A majority of estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, educational institutions, hospitals, insurance professionals, arts and cultural organizations, along with a myriad of not for profit organizations look to the PPP for trends and resources influencing planned giving locally and at a national level.

Business Opportunities

PPP furnishes -- through educational meetings, committee participation, and other means -- a forum to discuss issues affecting the planned giving and philanthropy industry. It provides members the opportunity to network, share information and exchange ideas.

Membership Directory

PPP members have access to the PPP membership directory which lists the most successful and influential planned giving and philanthropy professionals in the greater Dayton area and nationally.