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About the Partnership

Letter from the President:

Many thanks to our past President, Pete Klosterman, who has handed our chapter over to me for the next two years in great shape.  All of our board members have been working especially hard to provide meaningful and relevant programs for all of our members.

Our key strategic partners are especially valuable to us and I would like to thank the Dayton Foundation, Wright State University and University of Dayton for their continued support.  Their assistance is what makes our programs available to our membership at a reasonable cost.  If you run into a representative from one of our partners  at one of our events, please take the time to thank them for making it possible.

Please visit our website for the latest information on all of our programs.  We also appreciate any suggestions or comments from our members or any attendees of our programs.  You may send suggestions/comments to admin@pppgd.org.

I look forward to catching up with all of our members at our future events and programs!

Vicki Prenger, CFP, QPA
President, PPP Greater Dayton Board of Trustees
Pohlman & Talmage CPAs, Inc.

So, what is the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning?

The PPP for Philanthropic Planning helps maximize the value of charitable giving for nonprofit organizations and donors by

  • helping fundraising professionals provide the most meaningful charitable giving experience for donors
  • helping financial planning
  • professionals provide their clients with advice on charitable giving and estate planning
  • helping nonprofit managers and trustees better accomplish the missions of their organizations through meaningful philanthropic planning

What are the Code of Ethics and Standards of Best Practice that govern members of the PPP for Philanthropic Planning of Greater Dayton?

Visit the PPP National's page on 'Ethics & Standards' located http://www.pppnet.org/ethics/model_standards.html.

Board Members

Colleen Lampton-Brill, University of Dayton
Vicki Prenger, Pohlman and Talmage CPA’s, Inc.
Katherine Thornburg, Community Volunteer
Kim Estess, O'Diam & Stecker Law Group, Inc.
Bill Bigham, Wright State University
Kevin McDonald, KeyBank
Laura Letton, ThinkTV
Michelle L. Lovely, The Dayton Foundation
Jacqueline A. Manley, LCNB National Bank