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About the Partnership

Letter from the President:

Many thanks to our past President, Vicki Prenger, for her longtime service to the Dayton Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (PPP), and who is now serving as our faithful Treasurer.  I am privileged to work with a dedicated team of board members—all volunteers—who continue to work diligently to provide meaningful and relevant programs for all of our members.

So what is PPP?

We strive to be an important resource to the philanthropic community, which is spread across a broad spectrum of industries, from estate planning attorneys, CPA’s, financial planners, investment advisors, trust officers, to fundraisers.  The organization provides—though educational meetings, committee participation, and other means—a forum to discuss issues effecting the planning giving and philanthropic industry.  It offers members the opportunity to network, garner professional education credits, and to share information and exchange ideas. PPP also keeps members abreast of the latest legislative/tax changes, and other important trends and issues effecting the industry. Additionally, PPP members have access to the PPP membership directory which lists the most successful and influential planned giving and philanthropy professionals in the greater Dayton area and nationally.

I’d also like to thank a few of our strategic partners, who are especially valuable to us: The Dayton Foundation, The Disability Foundation, Wright State University and University of Dayton. Their wonderful support is what makes our programs available to our membership at a reasonable cost.

Please visit our website for the latest information on all of our programs.  We welcome suggestions for future programs from our members and program attendees.  Please send to admin@pppgd.org.  I look forward to catching up with all of our members at our future events and programs!

Colleen Lampton-Brill
Executive Director, Planned Giving
University of Dayton

Board Members

Colleen Lampton-Brill, University of Dayton
Vicki Prenger, Pohlman and Talmage CPA’s, Inc.
Katherine Thornburg, Community Volunteer
Kim Estess, O'Diam & Stecker Law Group, Inc.
Bill Bigham, Wright State University
Kevin McDonald, KeyBank
Laura Letton, ThinkTV
Michelle L. Lovely, The Dayton Foundation
Keith Meyer, Morgan Stanley
Greg Darling, The Disability Foundation
Jacqueline A. Manley, LCNB National Bank